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InteriCad T6


Modeling Design
With a comprehensive collection of parametric elements, such as doors, windows, ceilings,
floor and elevation, InteriCAD T6 can create room structure in an easy and fast way.

Smart Conversion from 2D to 3D

Tool of interior design which can let you finish room structure in several minutes. present the preliminary design to clients and improve closing rate. Convert to 3D and start Radiosity and present your design.

1.    Insert floor plan.

2.  2D floor plan finished in 5 minutes.

3.    Layout the furniture

4.    Add ceiling block.

5.    Complete 2D floor plan

6.    Convert to 3D

7. Edit light setting

8.  Edit texture and color

9. Start Radiosity and output the renderings

3D Virtual Reality

Benefited from one of the most advanced and intelligent rendering engines in the world, InteriCAD T6 allows users to carry out further editing on object, material, lighting in virtual reality, before delivering a photo-realistic outcome.

Real-time Setting

Material Setting

What’s new in InteriCAD T6?

Clone Object
You can pick out any elements from clone object library and use in new project, including material, lighting and 3D objects. You can also add your design into this library for future use.
Why clone object?
1. Finish a new design in less than 10 minutes. Shorten time to convey your idea.
2. Flexible elements available to retrieve like material effects, lighting and 3D objects.
3. More effective to attain customers’ preference.
4. You can save up your own digital clone object library for future presentation.

Presentation on iScan Solution

Carry Business Right beside You!
The design created in InteriCAD is able to be presented 360° on mobile device ! You are free to display your work on iPad and tap to show every details of your design.

Real Design, Real Product, Bigger Business

InteriCAD T6 Cloud Library is the first Cloud library for interior furnishing industries, where manufactuers find more possibilities to display their products to designers and consumers. Also designers and consumers have the opportunities to use real products from various manufacturers. With InteriCAD T6 + Cloud Library, we give you real design, real product and bigger business.

Structure of InteriCAD T6 Cloud Library

Cloud Display

Post your design rendering on facebook by InteriCAD T6 and share with your friends.

World-leading virtual reality engine

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